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Beyond Oj Earl O. Hutchinson

Beyond Oj

Earl O. Hutchinson

Published October 13th 1998
ISBN : 9781551640501
208 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The dreaded fear of the big black buck comes center stage when Hutchinson inserts a political history of the Jim Crow laws prohibiting race mixing. The sanctity of white femininity is underscored with examples of biased sentencing in rapes involving white and black women: A ten-year sentence for crimes against white women is the average, versus a two-year penalty for the rape of a black woman. The author spends a great deal of time countering the attacks on Simpsons reputation. Like many black analysts, he also weighs the conspiracy theories that are currently in vogue among African Americans: the use of AIDS as genocide, the use of crack to destabilize black life, and attacks on black celebrities meant to destroy successful role models.