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Bound By Nature (Forces of Nature, #1) Cooper Davis

Bound By Nature (Forces of Nature, #1)

Cooper Davis

Kindle Edition
125 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The mind may forget, but the heart remembers- A Forces of Nature novel. It doesn-t take Hayden Garrett-s college degree to figure out why Officer Josh Peterson is the last man alive he wants to face. Not because of the council-s harebrained idea to broker peace between their clans. It-s the sweaty palms that prove Hayden never got over his embarrassing attraction to his alpha rival. Mate with him? Nothing fills Hayden with more desire-or dread. Josh doesn-t have a gay hair in his fur. At least not one he owns up to. Despite Josh-s reputation for being a connoisseur of female flesh, he-s always cared about Hayden. In a different world, they might have been friends. Now, face to face after five years, the bitterness in Hayden-s eyes fills Josh with regret for what could have been-should have been. As Hayden and Josh journey through rituals-and intimacies-that will knit their souls for life, passion and anger flares, revealing a powerful secret. The truth about a long-ago sharing of hearts, bodies and souls that ended in tragedy- Warning: Steamy love between two rival alpha werewolves, a pregnant moon that inspires mating urges, and one shy guy who knows exactly what he wants.