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Ironmongers: The Jura City Trilogy Douglas Milewski

Ironmongers: The Jura City Trilogy

Douglas Milewski

Published November 2013
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Ironmongers collects all three Jura City novels into one volume. It has everything about dwarves that a dwarf lover could hope for: eating, drinking, fighting, and more cooking than you can throw a frying pan at.In Weeds Among Stone, Maran hires onto the Ironmongers as a cook, but she gets more than she expects when the Kurfurstin Mother tries to sacrifice her to the Iron Duke. Now able to talk to gods, Maran find herself in the middle of the dispute, and if theres to be any peace, shes got to make it herself.In Standing Between Earth and Heaven, a drug called Red Snake starts floating around Irontown, and that drug has a connection to both Altyns past and that terrible goddess, the Red Lady. Can Maran see through the lies and deceptions to discover the truth?In A Touch of Genius, Maran decides to find the White Lady, but the goddess of life and death is not so easily found. First, Maran must find the Wild Woman, and then if she survives that, escape the trap of the lich Glorioso.