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The Survivors Of The Chancellor Jules Verne

The Survivors Of The Chancellor

Jules Verne

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

A highly satisfying nautical adventure from Jules Verne. The novel is written from a first person perspective and narrates a great tale of tragedy, mystery, and suffering through journal entries made by J R Kazallon, a passenger on the ship Chancellor.The book starts of at a slow pace and builds up suspense and drama once the reader is through the first quarter of the narrative. A fire that happens on the Chancellor forces the unfortunate passengers to abandon their ship for a raft and make them go through a dire journey which is filled with every form of disaster, horror, agony and moral dilemmas as they struggle for survival. One disaster after another follows them and they are blasted by fate with every type of horrors in the form of extreme climates, acute thirst and hunger, tensions of mutiny and death.This epic shipwreck tale is emotionally unforgettable as it tells a story of absolutely normal people becoming mad and doing things for their own survival which they wont even dare to imagine in their civilized lifes.There are other tales about Shipwrecks from Jules Verne, but this one is brutishly realistic and takes place entirely at sea.