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Worlds Fairs And The End Of Progress: An Insiders View Alfred Heller

Worlds Fairs And The End Of Progress: An Insiders View

Alfred Heller

ISBN : 9780966562002
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 About the Book 

Worlds fairs were created to show off the wonders of the industrial revolution. Great engines, presses, steel cannons, the typewriter, television, the elevator, even the Statue of Liberty first appeared at expos. But industrial progress has led to a polluted planet, and the very idea of progress needs to discover new direction. Can our society now find paths to sustainable development? Worlds fairs are flourishing, says author Alfred Heller. They are in a position once again to define an era. And its actually happening.This book provides an overview of worlds fairs at the turn of the millennium. It describes the nature of fairs, shows how they have evolved, and considers where our fairs may be headed. The author demonstrates how in varying degrees fairs have tried to cope with the progress/environment issue, and suggests how they (and by implication the society as a whole) can do a better job of it in the future.About the Author:Alfred Hellers first worlds fair was the prewar Golden Gate International Exposition, on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. In 1998 he visited Lisbon Expo 98, his fifteenth international expo.After graduating from Stanford in 1950 with a degree in English, he served as an army officer in Korea, taught high-school English and published a small-town weekly in the Mother Lode country of his native state. In the 1960s he founded the California Tomorrow organization, an early and influential voice in the states environmental movement. His first book, The California Tomorrow Plan, was published in 1972.From 1981 to 1995, Heller was the publisher and editor of the quarterly magazine Worlds Fair. In the process of reporting on fairs for the magazine, he became closely acquainted with their managers and exhibitors, their workings and their complex purposes. The current volume combines his lifelong interest in the two pursuits-international expositions and the environment.