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Tempus Fugitive Martin Crookall

Tempus Fugitive

Martin Crookall

Published March 30th 2012
Kindle Edition
257 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

If Jack Warrington hadnt turned round and seen the girl in the mirror shades. If he hadnt got so excited when she waved at him. If he hadnt been so eager for that first kiss with tongues, perhaps the Space-Time Continuum wouldnt have been placed in such danger.Or was it Jacks big brother, Roland, the maddest Suburban Side-Street Garage Inventor in all of South Manchester who was to blame? After all, he did invent the Time Machine.Or was it the mysterious individual who was toying with the outcomes of Great Sporting Moments who created the danger in the first place?Its not that easy trying to save all of reality whilst trying to keep the fact youve got a date from your Mother.