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Hidden Roots Joseph Bruchac

Hidden Roots

Joseph Bruchac

Kindle Edition
154 pages
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 About the Book 

Hidden Roots focuses on the greater impact that thegenerations of Abenaki that followed had to deal with.Readers will learn about the loss of identity, history andculture- lack of self worth and fear that Abenaki peoplewere feeling, and still feel today. Middle grade readerslove to see life as being fair, and will totally understandthat life is not fair in this story. This is a book that shouldbe read in every middle school class, so that this historywill not be forgotten, and never be repeated.- Judy Dow (Abenaki)Descendent from the largest family targeted inthe Vermont Eugenics SurveyOyate Board of Directors, Reviewer, Educator“Reprising his signature themes, Bruchac sets up thistaut novel to reveal a chilling bit of history. . .The climactic shocker has the intended effect andis certain to have a searing impact on the audience.”– Publisher’s WeeklyIn the United States, Native men and women weresterilized against their will and without their knowledge.In an unflinching---yet sensitive---manner, Bruchacgives his readers a story of one of the darkest periodsin American and American Indian history. Hidden Rootsis one of his best works and should be required readingin every school in the country.- Debbie Reese (Nambe Pueblo)American Indians in Childrens Literature.net