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Someone Like You Smith Sherman

Someone Like You

Smith Sherman

Published October 13th 2014
Kindle Edition
432 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In the much anticipated sequel to Opposites Do Attract, readers will follow the life of Lisa Harris after her tumultuous break-up with her former boyfriend, Mike Daniels. Whatever happened with Lisa Harris after Mike left her? Did she eventually find that one true love? Or did she continue with her destructive path as a self-centered and egotistical woman, ruining her chances at happiness along the way?After starting a new career at a top advertising firm in Washington, D.C., Lisa Harris began dating Victor Hodges- a handsome and successful doctor. She enjoyed all the perks of being the girlfriend of a rich doctor, and things were starting to look a lot better for her. With a new career and a new love, Lisa seemed to finally be happy. And then she met Malcolm Hargrove- a sexy and talented coworker who made it his business to pursue Lisa at all costs. Lisa will become entangled in a web of love and heartache as she tries to make the best of an unrealistic romance with a rich doctor, while doing her all to resist the charm of an attractive coworker, yet wondering if she could ever get her former lover, Mike Daniels, back.In Someone Like You, Lisa Harris will take readers on a roller coaster ride of trials and tribulations as she struggles with the tough decisions of chasing an old love or accepting the path of virtue that has ultimately been placed for her. What will be the outcome?